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4 Great On Page Optimization Strategies

There are many individuals who new into blogging and internet marketing. However, not many are familiar with the entire SEO concept and how to implement it for sustainable success. The term SEO simply stands for Search Engine Optimization. Generally, it’s the employment of various strategies to help a site rank as high as possible on the search engine results pages. The higher a site ranks on sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo, the more traffic it’s likely to get. More traffic means more website visitors, higher conversion rates and thus an increment in sales.

Well, these SEO strategies can be divided into two: On-page SEO and Off Page SEO. On page SEO is all the stuff you can do ON the site to help it rank higher. These include meta tags, internal linking and descriptions, page titles and many more. Off-page SEO includes all things you can do OFF a website to help it rank high. These include social networking, blog marketing, article submission etc.

In this article we will be more specific on On Page optimization strategies. Ideally, we shall take a look on how to increase rankings on the search engines.

Page Titles

One of the most important on page optimization strategies for any site is the page titles. Each one of a website pages should have its unique title. An ideal page title includes the main keywords for that page, for instance: if you are writing about a new recipe for vanilla cake, then it is imperative that you include the terms “vanilla cake recipe’’ in the title. An title like “The Best Vanilla Cake Recipe” or “A Simple Vanilla Cake Recipe For Kids”

This way, any time a person searches for Vanilla Cake Recipes in any of the search engines, your article will have a better chance of appearing in one of the many results that have the same keyword.

Keyword Density

Putting relevant keywords in your content is very imperative. This is because it helps the search engines figure out what your post is all about and rank you accordingly. However, do not overuse any keywords with the intention of ranking higher. This can have your site banned from the search engines, causing more harm than it is worth.

To avoid this, you should try and keep the keyword density about 2 to 5%. Keeping such a density will prevent you from being banned and help you rank higher in the SERPs

Meta Descriptions

Most individuals tend to overlook the meta description aspect for their website pages. Meta descriptions are an essential place to include then relevant keywords for the content as they are used within the search results when the page has been listed.

For example, using the vanilla cake recipe, a good description for such a page would include the keywords and related ones as well. “This simple vanilla cake recipe is probably the most mouth watering delicious vanilla cake aver made”. Such a meta description would be ideal to use as it contains a set of relevant specific keywords and significantly short.

Meta Tags

For every page, you can put in a set of keywords in the meta tag form. This includes all the relevant keywords in your post. Meta tags are simply snippets that describe the content of a certain page. The meta data is ideally used by the search engines as they explore new and updated content. The process of search engine bots crawling the web looking for changes is known as indexing.

These are just a few but the most important on page optimization strategies you should employ to rank higher. If implemented properly, you should notice a significant change in traffic, conversion and sales as well.

Contact SEO Company Brooklyn Ny if you need more tips, strategies or SEO services for your business.

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